QuickBurn is a very simple CD and DVD burning software utility that requires minimum configuration before stepping to the main burning task.
One of the best things about the application is that it doesn't assault the user with settings, which means the whole process can be completed in just a few minutes as soon as you're done choosing the files to be placed on the disc.
QuickBurn uses a multi-panel interface that allows you to choose the disc content with just a few clicks, offering a file browser that enables you to simply drag a file or folder on the disc.
As said, the amount of configuration settings is quite limited, but the main window comprises them all. Which means the same screen used for picking the files to be burned also gives you the power to choose the burning device and burning speed, with simple tools to show device info or erase a rewritable disc.
While it works just fine on Windows XP, QuickBurn sometimes crashes on Windows 7 with no apparent reason. Plus, it adds new files to the disc terribly slow, although computer performance doesn't seem to be affected.
There is no help file available in the package, but you don't really need one if this isn't the first disc burning tool you're using. Everything's intuitive and rookies should have no problem when burning new projects.
All in all, QuickBurn is a very simple burning app that does its job on older Windows versions. On Windows 7 however, it's highly recommended to look somewhere else.


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Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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The software is very easy to use, just drag and drop your files on the burning area and you’re ready to go. The program will automatically detect the media and your devices and it will guide you through the entire process.
Burn and play discs with your computer at up to 8 layers of protection
Automatic formatting of existing discs
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WinHexus v2.4 adds integration with the currently released version of UltraISO. This allows your existing ISO’s to be viewed by Explorer. The explorer program that comes with Windows XP will allow you to open the ISO’s and look at the contents. Should you desire to extract the content to a new ISO then you can do so simply by dragging and dropping.

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QuickBurn [Latest]

QuickBurn Serial Key is a CD and DVD burning program for Windows 7. QuickBurn is especially made for beginners who want to create CD or DVD in a few steps. No need for complicated settings! Our simple user interface lets you do the whole process in just a few clicks. Just drag and drop your files to the disc. As quick and easy as that!
What’s New:
– Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
– New English language.
– Added the ability to list content on disc.
– Bugfixes.
Key Features:
– The application doesn’t intrude user with endless settings and configuration screens.
– Completely customizated user interface that will guide you through the whole process.
– Even a novice can manage to create a new CD and DVD within just a few minutes.
– Supports 8 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and Korean).
– Automatic report on finished projects.
– Support for recordable CD or DVD discs.
– Very easy to use! You can create as many discs as you like.
– You can choose the default format.
– You can select the device and speed of the burning process.
– Very easy to use!
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Shortcut / ScreenShots
The main window of QuickBurn:

Burning your own discs is actually a very easy task, thanks to QuickBurn.
You don’t really need the software to burn a single disc, but if you want to burn a lot of discs or add more content to the disc, QuickBurn comes in handy.
Once you’ve made the decision on the type of discs you want to burn, you just need to pick the files and place them on the disc. But bear in mind you need to select the folder with all the files on your disc first.
Then you can open the burning process, choose the devices you want to burn on and do some configuration with the burner.
The main window of QuickBurn:

The application lets you choose the device type as you can see above. With the list of all the available devices available in QuickBurn, you can select the right one according to your needs.
Beware of using a CDRW disc as a DVD burner as it won’t work. You can’t really opt for an SD disc as an audio CD, but it is possible to create audio CDs with the help of various software.

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QuickBurn is a relatively simple CD and DVD burning application that requires minimum configuration before step by step burning is started. The application provides an easy-to-use panel that allows user to select contents (files and folders) to be included on the disc.
QuickBurn doesn’t provide huge amount of options, which is one of the great things about this application. What’s more, there are few options that are not particularly useful, while the rest are gathered in a single panel. The panel itself has multiple fields: burning device name, language and keymap, and disc content.
QuickBurn requires a burning device to be chosen first. The panel will list available devices if the user doesn’t have one installed. There are also other options such as folders, files and entire drives that may be added to the disc (depending on the selected burning device). The user can also specify disc content and physical writing speed (burn speed). Finally, user’s computer name and drive letter are available as well.


This guide covers the main features of QuickBurn.
Accesskeys are page navigation elements about which you can click to go directly to the next or previous section. Accesskeys are displayed in the footer as a big rectangle button with some icons.


Secondary tools



Content of the dialog prompts user to open the selected folder with another default application. The software list opens a window where a list of registered applications is presented. User can navigate the list of applications and select the one he wants to use.Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of interfaces used to build applications. It is a set of procedures, functions, classes, modules, objects, or variables that may be used in software development.

The term API was originally coined by Erik Naggum in his work on
the Common Language Runtime (CLR), where the term is defined as follows:

What it is is a flat storage type. In more traditional programming languages, this is impossible.

The term API was picked up by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, and has been
re-used many times since then, usually by Microsoft programmers./**
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under

What’s New in the QuickBurn?

QuickBurn is a simple and fast CD/DVD burning tool that requires no configuration before you’re set to burn. One of the things that makes QuickBurn stand out is that it doesn’t require setting any of the installation options, making it very easy to use right away.
Burn a list of files and folders to a disc.

Easy to use and fast.

Require no configuration.

Burn disc image to disc.

Create image from clipboard.

Burn disc and image from file.

Click to select files.

Burn image.

Burn files and folders.

Burn ISO image to disc.

Free Software EditoriDi2017.0.3Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10Download Now!

Kernel for AfterBurn v1.5.9.9Kernel for AfterBurn is an AfterBurn Plug-in that has custom features that will allow the disc creator to manage all of the burning processes that are performed via the com…;

DVDFab DVD Creator DVD Creator is a great software tool to burn any DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K Blu-ray disc from popular video and audio formats as well as several popular image file types.

Create one DVD or more? Try Script-CDs 2008Create one or more custom DVD, CD-R, or CD-RW discs. Triggered by an optional button, automatic execution of a command-line batch file is initiated at the time of burn.

DVD/CD-R or -RW drive information is displayed on the tray icon.

Help system allows for single and multi-select of all contents to be burned.

Burn a complete or partially completed disc without leaving the application.

Create date- and time-stamped discs, with the ability to set the hour and minute.

Backup from ISO files with an optional check option, email, or FTP integration.

Access a list of all supported disc-burning applications with just one click.

Burning CD’s, DVD’s, or even to USB Flash Drives.

Ability to encrypt discs.

Blank disc is pre-initialized.

Create ISO files from within the program!

Ability to write to a number of disc-burner types, including HP-Windows, Linux, Nero, UDF, CDGhost, etc

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32/64bit), Windows Vista (32/64bit) or Windows XP (32/64bit)
CPU: 2.4Ghz or faster
Memory: 2 GB (minimum)
Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 11 compatible video card with Shader Model 4.0 or higher, or 2 GB of VRAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card with ability to play 7.1 channel music, and 20 Hz max refresh rate


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