Creation of a free virtual playground online, which provides a fun and safe platform for users to user creativity and build online games using Lua. Roblox is an online multi-user game platform that integrates 3D game development with virtual reality headset (e.g., Oculus, Vive, Playstation VR). Users can create a free and private game and play in either virtual reality or a simple 2D web browser based mode (on

from OP, I know they will be “updating” the code and republishing this deal so be nice and watch for update.
Good job Eta!

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UWP Games
Overwatch Endgame Journey
Call of Duty Black Ops 4
WWE 2K20
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Rocket League

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Yikes. Well I honestly don’t know what to do with it. On one hand, it’s amazing. On the other, it’s what they’ve been doing. Updating their player base, adding features they plan on adding and paying off this pandemic.

Thats all i’d hope they do right now. Its a poor economy and the devs aren’t living off their pc games! Give me a break!

Yep, i’m not blaming you, i’m blaming the random review and good job copy/pasting some dumb rhetoric.

What i’m saying is that you’re not paying for a service! And when you do find a program you want to buy, you’re not paying as much as you would in other countries since these companies aren’t as cheap as they might be in the us


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Edit: I was not sure if this is the right place to post this.


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Since it’s 2017 and we’ve all seen a lot of Pokemon Go, you’ll be pleased to know that Parc Quest has released a Pokemon Go clone for Android called “Pogopark” on Google Play. The game is very similar to Pokemon Go in that you move around with your gyroscope and you can catch Pokemon as you wander around. You can also see what other creatures are nearby and where they are if you tap on the map. You can also save them to your card and you can spend them and get upgrades for your park. Here’s a quick video overview of the game:

If you’ve been on Android for a while now then you’ll be right at home with this game. Parc Quest are an independent developer that have been making Android apps for years and their games are known for being really high quality as well. They are also one of the first apps to allow in-app purchases to happen and the In-App Purchases section has plenty of them to be had if you’re looking for a little extra money. Let’s just say I’m probably not going to spend a lot of money in-app but if you are then it’s going to be a fun experience for you! Here are a couple of screenshots from the game just so you can see what it looks like in practice and here’s a video overview if you want to see that too:

During this time of year, Poké Balls are flying around and the numbers are steadily increasing. With that comes an annoying bug on Google Play, the number of requests you receive for a Google Play item increase on December 25th (aka the Christmas day) so this is where the 1K item bug comes in. Right now, most of the 1K items on Google Play are quite pointless, but here’s some for you:

See you tomorrow, Merry Christmas!

I’ve also been checking out Google Play every day to see which apps are going viral so I can add them to this blog as well. If you’ve seen a game that you really liked or an app that you want to share with your friends (or a movie or TV show), let me know and I’ll add it to the blog. There’s a whole batch of items in this list today (going down from high to low, for those who like that sort of


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