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Android gives Amazon, Apple and others the finger – angelohuang

Look at the first few sentences of the article, before all the finger-

“In a fascinating, if inevitable, parody of the way it has spread, the free
Android operating system may soon be a more formidable foe than Apple’s

You’re right, the title is not quite accurate.

“If Android’s lack of a close relationship with hardware manufacturers is a
lesson for those who seek to control the operating system, it is also in turn
a message that can be interpreted as the beginning of the end for Apple’s

How can the author not address what is at the heart of the concern – Apple’s
proprietary product that nobody else is allowed to use – and yet somehow
magically side-step that very elephant in the room?

Would you prefer that he address the elephant, or pay heed to the story as a


How to use the Request.QueryString?

I have a ASP.NET Web API 2 project and on one of my controllers, I have a method for my CRUD operations.
My question is, I have a hidden field named ‘foo’, and I want to fill it with the value of the QueryString named ‘foo’, but I do not know how to.
I tried to do this, but it did not work.
public HttpResponseMessage Get(string foo)
var test = Request.QueryString[“foo”];


Try using the Microsoft ASP.NET Web API RequestExtensions
See the document here

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I wanted to try and capture the beginning of the ash fall at the Gunsight Rock Shelter in New Mexico. It is estimated to date to 250,000 years ago and is one of the most significant archaeological sites in North America.

The way the ash layer is organized into discrete units allows you to see the height of the event as the fire swept across the landscape. For an example of how this event is dated, refer to a paper by D. Glazer (1992, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology of the North American Plains. Quaternary Science Reviews. 11, 291-328. DOI:10.1016/0033-3280(92)90024-I) who determined the age by the presence of U-series and Ettingshausen dating particles in the ash layer.

A very quick test run. Shot this with a Lumix G7 and the only editing I did on this was crop it a little to get rid of the sand.Keisuke Terada

is a former Japanese football player.

Club statistics


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