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Plagiarism is the process of taking and misrepresenting the ideas, expressions, writings and/or works of others and presenting them as one’s own. Information may be copied verbatim or paraphrased. Facts may be taken out of context. Selective quoting may be used to distort the meaning. To be a plagiarist is to deprive the originator of credit and to deprive the victim of benefits.

In English, plagiarism is termed as ‘copying another’s work without crediting’ or ‘falsifying a work by stealing and presenting it as one’s own, without acknowledgement or reference to the source of the material’. Such taking and presenting of ideas, expressions, writings, works, or the like are considered in copyright terms as “a form of literary theft” and a “crime in the same category as robbery, rape, and murder”.

In German, plagiarism is termed “Würgefahr”. The expression “ganz verwerfen” which is often misquoted as “ganz und gar verwerfen” and which means “totally reject” or “reject completely” means (in academic publishing) to copy the work (idea, or expression) and to credit its authors, without adding anything of your own. The English expression literally means “to totally reject and thereby replace”, while the German one means to completely reject but does not imply deletion, and so it is generally thought to be an honest practice of “borrowing and returning” (German: “zu Anführen und zurückkehren”).

Plagiarism and plagiarism are often confused. This is because (a) the term plagiarism is commonly used to


These are the best How-To and Cheat Codes for purchasing and using an Xbox 360?
Can it be done?
For example, if you want the new DLC for Forza Motorsport 5, and you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can purchase the DLC right through the Xbox Live Marketplace?


Yes, it can. In fact, there’s a whole subforum dedicated to this topic on the Xbox Live forums, with plenty of up-to-date information on the proper way to do this. There’s also links to download the patch, the correct Xbox 360 disc, and the Xbox Live account code.


You can if the product is a downloadable product. That means you can buy a game from a location other than the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can get this from a retail store.
If the product is disc-based, you must wait until the store has the disc in the system and the product in stock, and it will cost more to buy the product than just from the store’s website.
Depending on the region and your subscription the cost will be slightly higher than paying with an Xbox Live Gold account ($7.99 from a US store, $5 from a Canadian store).


What program should I use to mix audio from an mp3 file

I’m looking for a decent audio editing program to mix in a song into another audio. More like a total sound fitting program. Like Ableton has to audio.
It will have to support the following (or similar) interface.

Toggle between the two audio files
Mix and trim waveforms. This is crucial to be able to re mix the song.
Trim length to it’s a desired track time to keep the length.
Plugins to add other effects like EQ, panning, instruments. (I think I’m forgetting a lot)

Any one know any good programs I could look into?


You can use Audacity to do that. What you are looking for is:

“Fade In/Out” for the first audio
“Mono-to-Stereo” or “Mono-to-Stereo [P1 and P2] ” for the second audio
“Mix” to mix both sound.
“Rename” or “Map” for renaming the audio file from which you want to take the audio

2020.12.18 18:22
Guitar Scores And. Methods Sheet Music Library PDF

One more thing you can try is to right click on the file and choose “Open With” then “Choose App” then “Choose another application” then “Browse and choose the Program you want to use to open this file”.
You can also use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the file to the desired program

One dollar bills, designed by Core77

“One dollar bills,” created by Core77.

Every year, the US Printing Office designates one dollar bills with a specific image. The last time it happened was in 2009. But this year, the designers jumped at the chance.

Core77 chose to design two different dollar bills — based on everything from John Lennon’s The Beatles to Malcom X. And now, you can download and print them off for yourself, for free.

The site even includes a detailed step by step on how to make your own “One dollar bill,” with an instructional video by the designers and examples of the end results.

This is how they explain it: “The One Dollar Bill is truly the number one bill in the United States — used around the world and drawn attention almost constantly. That makes it a perfect project for the first redesign of a U.S. $1.”

The two dollar bills can be downloaded to your computer, and then printed. The One Dollar Bill costs $1.50, while the Malcolm X $2 dollar bill is free.

You can check out even more dollar bill redesigns from throughout the design history here.Q:

MySQL select from 2 tables, with same reference

I have 2 tables, one contain orders and the other contain deliveries. They both share the same reference ID.
Table 1: Orders

Table 2: Delivery

I know how to select from a single table, but not how to do it from both.
SELECT * FROM orders WHERE id = ‘1’

So how can i do it, to display all the orders and all the deliveries with the same reference (belongs_to :


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