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The crew and crew of the Barbara were saved when a salvage ship, the Northwind of Vancouver, BC, rescued them. The survivors, including the pilot, reported that the Barbara and her sister ship, the Laura G. Myers, had run into something in the vicinity of San Francisco and went down within three hours of each other. The Barbara’s wreck was sighted off the coast of San Francisco on February 1, 1967, and an extensive salvage effort was undertaken. A diving platform was constructed, and over a million dollars in usable equipment was raised from the wreck site.

The full name of the ship was later revealed by the salvagers as the Barbara Ruth McKeage. A wreck is not considered intact if it is split into multiple sections. The Barbara was split in two, and the title page of the book lists author names only for the sections still intact.

Captain John H. Gillson and his crew of 14 lived to tell about it. A memorial plaque was placed on the Barbara’s bow in the wreck site and is still there. All of the ship’s gear was sold at public auction in August 1973, for over a million dollars. Both companies were based in San Francisco at the time.

The Northwind sank in 1968 while salvaging the Barbara, with the loss of 29 men.

The salvage effort was enormously successful, and two of the Barbara’s 15 keels were recovered, although one remained in San Francisco Bay for the rest of her life. The Barbara”s engines were “traded in” for a 230 cubic-inch, Chrysler/GM V8 engine that was fitted to the still-intact section, and she was rerigged to power two diesel generators that provided electrical power for the diving operations, and other ship’s needs.

After over 25 years underwater, the Barbara was lifted in 1987. On July 15, 1992, under the supervision of professional divers, she was scuttled as an artificial reef off Diamond Head.

There is a full-scale sculpture of the Barbara Ruth McKeage. She is a bronze statue with a limestone base and is privately owned. She has been maintained and is dry docked on the Ocean Beach Pier in San Francisco.

FilmsFilms set around the Barbara:• Can’t Say Goodbye (1968)
• The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)


“The Bounty Crew Saved, but Barbara R. McKeage Goes Down” in San

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The Black Student Organization (BIS) is a group for students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. It offers many different activities for its members, including educational enrichment activities, social outings, and the BIS Awards Ceremony. BIS was founded to help black students at the University of Michigan become integrated into the university’s social, academic, and cultural life. This group is designed to provide social interaction, an outlet for group involvement, and to meet the needs and desires of the black students at the University of Michigan.Q:

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